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Since 2010, ILEC has transformed the lives of nearly 1,000 CEO’s and executives and impacted the success of thousands of organizations from every corner of the globe—53 countries to date. We wrote the global bestselling books on Intelligent Leadership: Intelligent Leadership: What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential (2013), Cultural Transformations (2016) and The Intelligent Leader: Unlocking the 7 Secrets to Leading Others and Leaving Your Legacy (2019). Our new book, Growing Leaders & Building Cultures written by our ILEC Coaches, is scheduled for release in February (2021).

The Intelligent Leader

Unlocking the 7 Secrets to Leading Others and Leaving Your Legacy

In today’s business world, we find ourselves in a conundrum: all businesses crave superior leadership, yet such leadership is in massive short supply. While there have never been so many books, blogs, speakers, and seminars on leadership, global organizations are finding that the supply of leadership talent is significantly lagging the supply of raw intellectual horsepower. There is no shortage of intellect in the world of business; however, when it comes to superior leadership, most global organizations are realizing how difficult it is to compete simply because they just don’t have enough great leaders in their ranks. In addition, the challenge of preparing the next generation of leaders to handle the fiercely competitive global landscape and lightning fast pace of change that defines this era, is proving almost insurmountable.

ILEC has found a solution to this leadership paradox and developed an approach that cuts right to the core of what holds leaders back from greatness and future leaders from achieving their potential.

Key Elements of the Presentation:

  • Think Different; Think Big
  • The Power of the “Vulnerability Decision”
  • Leveraging “Gifts” and Addressing “Gaps”
  • The Courage to Execute as the Instigator to Agility in Learning and Innovation!
  • Possessing the ‘Privilege Mindset”
  • Being Vigilant
  • Course-Correcting
Available as a 1-hour speech or webinar, half-day webinar/workshop, or full-day webinar/workshop.

Cultural Transformations

Building Cultures that Drive Results

In this power-packed program, based on John Mattone’s Amazon and Inc. Magazine 2016 Bestseller, Cultural Transformations as well as our vast global experience, your ILEC Coach will reveal the critical steps that must be planned-out and executed in order for any organization to create and sustain a renewed, winning culture that engages, inspires and unleashes talent in support of driving breakthrough results.

The road to reinvention and renewal for any organization requires a workforce—from top to bottom, who are “centered”, happy, and passionate about making themselves better but also their organization better. The real pathway to achieving sustained success in any organization lies in creating a culture of “centeredness”.

The challenge for global organizations as well as the small to mid-sized entrepreneurial organizations is not “how do we make our people happy”? The real challenge is ensuring that everyone is “centered” so they are poised and passionate to be the best they can be every day. The culture of “centeredness” can only be achieved when people feel connected and aligned with their organization’s vision, mission and purpose and, they believe that through their own efforts and contributions to the mission of their organization that they themselves can achieve their own personal mission. It is through achieving “centeredness” in people that passion, happiness, joy, and true engagement happens.

Culture is the foundation from which successful organizations are built—however, most struggle to create an environment in which employees can be fulfilled, effective in their work, and feel “unleashed”. What exactly is it that makes some organizations achieve and sustain breakthrough success, while others—most in fact, struggle in this pursuit?

Key Elements of ILEC’s Presentation:

  • Research and Latest Thinking: Leadership, Talent & Culture are “Leading Indicators” that Predict Sustained Operating Success
  • Roadmap of Cultural Transformation to Align with Company Vision, Mission & Purpose
  • What is Culture
  • The 5 Cultures of Culture
  • Transforming Culture—The 6 Critical Steps
Available as a 1-hour speech or webinar, half-day webinar/workshop, or full-day webinar/workshop.